About Us - Afeola Integrated Services

Afeola Integrated Services Limited is a wholly indegenous company registered with CAC (REG NO. 1229803).Our objective is to
create and increase value providing competitive returns to our investors. Afeola is a “star” in the business of Oilfield Equipment
Rentals and Provision of such specialized services as Calibration & Metering, Equipment Leasing, Field Device
Installation/Maintenance, Platform Maintenance e.t.c.

At Afeola, safety is not only a watchword, it is a habit. Meeting safety standards in all areas of operation is a commitment that
is never compromised. Our equipment and tools are sourced from the world’s best manufacturers.

The staff of Afeola are driven by excellence and fully committed to satisfying the needs of our clients through quality service
delivery. Our inspiration is in our determination to redefine the standard of service delivery through the stock of the state of
the art equipment, tools, and techniques that we deploy for operation. Our aim is to broaden and deepen indigenous service
capabilities and portfolios in oilfield/well engineering service provision. And our goal is to become the foremost indigenous
oilfield service provider in the years ahead.

Through re-engineering, strategic repositioning, corporate venturing, technical and marketing alliances, Afeola is focused on
establishing, maintaining and growing leading or tier market positions in some key areas of well engineering – drilling,
completions, work over, well services and related maintenance and logistical / support services, and with emphasis on asset based
technical equipment, tools and units.

Afeola plans to become through strategic corporate re-engineering, Equipment acquisition, innovative technology applications
and strategic skill acquisition investments, the company providing unequalled and unparalled Equipment Rental and Services
to the major players in the Upstream sector of the Nigerian Oil and Gas theatre and the regional offshore market.



To be at the forefront oil & gas servicing company in Nigeria and the world at large by using cutting edge technology in a sustainable, economic, environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner. And continually develop our skills to remain on top

To sustainably improve the value of acquired assets, while delivering superior and sustained returns to our customers, shareholders, investors and host communities.